Thursday, May 26, 2011

Easel Card

I saw this on YouTube and had to try it......this card is for my granddaughter....

Monday, May 23, 2011

Words on my Walls

Making a book with CD's

 decided I wanted to try and make a mini book using used CD/DVD disk as the pages.  I think they turned out pretty good for my first try.             

Turn this :

Into these...........

Branches on the Wall

I had this wall in our spare bedroom and I had these old windows so I decided you put some pictures on the back on the windows.  I wanted to place something else on it so I decided to try making a large limb accross the wall with little branches..........It worked really well and I can share the file with you.   I just used my Cricut to cut the branches out and then trimmed them with scissors if I needed to.

I decided to place some branches on the side wall.......

Large Vinyl Projects

I love doing large cuttings........I love figuring out the design and the dimentions and the challenge of doing them.

To make a large cutfile.........I am going to use the Cats on the Cage as an example.............Open Sure Cuts A Lot and place the cage on the mat, stretch it out so that it fills the mat. Then using the arrows on the right on SCAL place the bottom of the cage at the bottom of the mat. This will make the stand of the cage where you can not see it.

Then use the arrow that lets you strength the top of the cage and stop when the cat disapears this is your 1st page so save it.  Next ad another page go back to the 1st select all copy and then paste it on the page 2. then note on the right side where it starts going off the mat and pick a spot you can follow.

Then using the arrows move the cage over to the left until you get to the place where the right side is on the mat. save it.....then add another page (3) then go back to page 1 copy it and paste on page 3  then use the arrows and pull the cage up until the stand and the bottom are up and the bottom matches with the bottom of the cutting area save it. then copy it and paste it on a new page (4) then pick a spot on the stand and move it over until that spot is off on the left side and save it.

*********Now make sure when you are moving the picture that you are just moving it and not strenghing it.******** 

Now add another page (5) go back to page (1) copy it and paste on page (5). Now lower the cage untl the first half of the cat comes into view and lower it to the place where the top of the cage matches with where you placed it on page 1 save it.  Add page (6) go back to page (5) copy and paste on page (6). Move the cat over until it is at the place where it was on page (5) and it should be off the mat now save page (6) and you should have it ..............let me know if this has helped you understand. Thank you

Make sure to use the landscape mat

Baby Book

I love doing wordbooks.......they are so much fun.  I did this one for a friend of mine who is expecting her first grandchild.

Plastic Bottles with Surprises

I made these for a Baraar I was in at Christmas time.....They have a dozen diapers plus a toy inside them.
I get the bottles from Safeway in their bottled water section I like them because they are a nice size and have a handle..........After I have emptied the bottle I choose an area that will be the back and then I cut a U shape in the plastic so I can put things in it. After I fill it up I used masking tape to close the U. then I decorated using wallpaper that I got from Sherwin Williams. They usually throw out the books that are out of date so I pull the outdated ones from their shelves. I cut the paper to fit around the bottle and tape it closed using 2 sided tape. Then I decorate the bottle using embellishments that I either make or buy.......I hope this helps........Marcia.

Toilet Paper Book with Tags

Friday, May 20, 2011

Wedding Reception Floor

I did this dance floor for a wedding reception this are some pictures as I put it together......I used white vinyl for all of the cuts.  I painted the yellow and gold onto the white vinyl but before I did that I used a low grade sandpaper and sanded the vinyl to make the paint really stick on it.  It lasted really well even with everyone dancing on it.......

Vinyl on my Frig

I had so much fun doing this............

Writing on Floors

have a business that I started called If Your Walls & Floors Could Talk............I did these for a couple of wedding receptions.......I love doing it and being a part of the celebration.

LP Book

I decided since I had done the CD mini book what would a book look like that was made out of LP covers and LP disks.  So I gave it a try and thought I would share what I learned with you.  

Items you need: 2-LP covers, 5 LP disks, double sided tape, masking tape, spray glue, Blind It All or book fasteners, paper cutter, paper and ruler. 

Measure 1 3/4 from the edge of one side of the LP.  Place masking tape on the line and get a pair of dull scissors. The cut along the tape with the scissors and be carefull because the plastic may fly around as you are cutting.

I forgot to mention to cover the album with paper before you cut the edge.

Cut a circle on SCAL or DS at (w) 4.67 (H) 4.67 that will leave the edges uncovered.

                                           After cutting take a nail file and file along the edge

Cover the covers and trim to fit the LP disk.  Then using something to cut the holes for the rings cut the holes in the flat side of the LP and insert the rings.  If you are using a Bind It All you will have to push down hard but it will cut though infact I think it is really the only way to cut though the disk and make a clean cut. 

Now just decorate and enjoy!