Friday, May 20, 2011

LP Book

I decided since I had done the CD mini book what would a book look like that was made out of LP covers and LP disks.  So I gave it a try and thought I would share what I learned with you.  

Items you need: 2-LP covers, 5 LP disks, double sided tape, masking tape, spray glue, Blind It All or book fasteners, paper cutter, paper and ruler. 

Measure 1 3/4 from the edge of one side of the LP.  Place masking tape on the line and get a pair of dull scissors. The cut along the tape with the scissors and be carefull because the plastic may fly around as you are cutting.

I forgot to mention to cover the album with paper before you cut the edge.

Cut a circle on SCAL or DS at (w) 4.67 (H) 4.67 that will leave the edges uncovered.

                                           After cutting take a nail file and file along the edge

Cover the covers and trim to fit the LP disk.  Then using something to cut the holes for the rings cut the holes in the flat side of the LP and insert the rings.  If you are using a Bind It All you will have to push down hard but it will cut though infact I think it is really the only way to cut though the disk and make a clean cut. 

Now just decorate and enjoy!