Monday, May 23, 2011

Plastic Bottles with Surprises

I made these for a Baraar I was in at Christmas time.....They have a dozen diapers plus a toy inside them.
I get the bottles from Safeway in their bottled water section I like them because they are a nice size and have a handle..........After I have emptied the bottle I choose an area that will be the back and then I cut a U shape in the plastic so I can put things in it. After I fill it up I used masking tape to close the U. then I decorated using wallpaper that I got from Sherwin Williams. They usually throw out the books that are out of date so I pull the outdated ones from their shelves. I cut the paper to fit around the bottle and tape it closed using 2 sided tape. Then I decorate the bottle using embellishments that I either make or buy.......I hope this helps........Marcia.